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Best PF ConsultantPF AdvisorEPF Consultant – Provident Fund – PF Compliance Consultant in Delhi NCR – 9773524992, PF or EPF stands for Provident Fund or Employees Provident Fund. EPF Scheme comes under Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. This scheme is supported by the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO).

Out of the busy schedule, it is hard to manage and maintain the statutory records that come under labor statues like EPF and Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1952, ESI Act or Employees State Insurance Act, Factories Act 1948, Payment under Minimum Wages Act, Delhi Labour Welfare Fund Rules 1997 and many more.

As per the PF Scheme, an equal contribution is paid by the employee and the employer towards the scheme and at the time of retirement, the employee will get a single amount of money or we can say that a lump sum amount which includes the share of the employee and the employer along with the interest in both.

We are having a well-qualified team of EPF consultant in Delhi who provides aid related to provident fund or Employees provident fund. According to the Labour Law Department of India, Provident Fund is one of the mandatory compliance and every business it may be small or big enterprise is abided by the rules and regulation set under the Employees’ Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 and the Employees State Insurance Act, 1948  while paying salary or wages to the employees.

Data Entry, Record maintenance, and preparation, inspection and assessment of Data, etc are various regulations of ESI and PF. And even for minor mistakes or errors, one has to pay the penalty or even subject to cancellation of license.

Thus there is a requirement of EPF or PF consultant to manage and regulate the records of clientele and offers them aid regarding PF related issues.

Therefore, UBS Associates LLP is the foremost PF advisor in Delhi/NCR and is the answer to all the problems related to labor record management, PF related issues set by the law, also taking follow-ups and effective measures for maintenance with its issues to be attended.

UBS Associates LLP provides the following services as PF or EPF Consultant :

We as the best Provident fund consultant in Delhi provide consistent advice and solution so that one can select the service as per the requirement of the business. List of the Business is given below:

  • Preparation of Wages register/records.
  •  Challans preparation under Provident Fund
  • Preparing PF Registration papers and obtaining a new PF registration number within prescribed time under PF Act 1952.
  •  Filing return for PF
  • After collecting a declaration from the Employer it has to be submitted to the respected concerning offices.
  •  If there is any kind of changes regarding Provident Fund ( PF), Employees State Insurance (ESI),  Policy Transactions (PT) or minimum wages, etc then it will be updated to the Employer.
  • There will be proper coordination with the PF authority for any kind of correspondence between the Employer and the Department of Labor Law.
  • Whenever it is required all the assessment and inspection from the EPF department.
  • Collection of the necessary information from the client.
  • New Employees nomination and declaration form in FORM NO. 2
  • Assistance will be provided in the filing of other forms as well such as Form-9, Form -5A,  Form -10C, Form-10 D, Form- 19, Form- 20, Form-31, Form-13, etc.
  • Under EPF Act attending PF inspector for inspection of records, appearing before the concerned authorities on behalf of the employer in 7-A proceedings.
  • Providing aid to employees in getting their PF amount.
  • Providing help in transferring the Provident Fund amount from the old PF account to the new PF account.
  • Assist in keeping Liaison with EPF Department and also helps in responding to the correspondence.
  • Helps in Bank reconciliation
  • Assist in the issuance of Annual  Provident Fund  Account slips.
  • Tracking and informing the employee’s claim timely.
  • Providing aid in the update of KYC.

Due to the incapacity to work the intention of Employees’ Provident Fund  & Miscellaneous provisions Act is to provide benefits to employees or Industrial workers such as payment of retirement and voluntary retirement etc.

We keep a keen eye in case of any changes or amendments in the Act so that proper guidance will be provided.

Above given are the basic services offered by UBS Associates LLP which make it the best Provident fund consultant in Delhi. Not only in Delhi we offer our services in Noida and Gurgaon as well.

UBS Associates LLP main objective is not limited to a legitimate perspective but also in providing resolution to all your issues in a business so that you will run your line of work smoothly.

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