Shop & Establishment Consultant

Shop and Establishment Consultant

Shop & Establishment Consultant To comply with the rules and regulations is the stepping stone to run a successful business.

As you enter the business world, with a wish to start a new business, along with having the plans for the business, the business entity needs to comply with certain compulsory regulations such as taxation legislation, licensing requirements, etc.

To make you aware and to provide aid in abiding the rules and regulations we are here as the best Shop & Establishment and business consultant in Delhi.

Objectives of Shop Establishment Act:

Shops and Establishment Act is the state-based act and is governed by the labor department of that particular state, enacted to manage the work conditions, to bestow employers, statutory obligations and employees’ right in the chaotic employment sector like shops, commercial establishments, residential hotels, restaurants, eating houses, theatres and other establishments in the jurisdiction.

Applicability Under the Act:

One is always eager to know about the applicability of the thing to which they need to obey. Below mentioned are the applicability of the Shop and Establishment Act:

  1. This Act is applicable if the location of the business premises is within the Municipal limits.
  2. The Act is not applicable for the business premises located in the Gram Panchayat rather one needs to get the NOC from the local Gram Panchayat.
  3. There are certain norms related to the number of employees for the Shop and Establishment Act.
  4. For an organization or establishment having the number of employees 0-9, have to apply for the Shop Act Intimation.
  5. If the number of employees in the establishment exceeds 0-9, then the organization has to apply for the Shop Act Registration.
  6. In case if the organization is already having 0-9 number of employees and the number exceeds later on then they will have to apply for Shop registration.

Shop Establishment Services Offered by UBS Associates

As a Best Consulting Services Company for individuals or Corporates, it is our prime duty to provide aid related to the Shop & Establishment Act for business prosperity. Following are the services provided by UBS Associates:

  1. We provide regular consultancy on the matters related to the Act.
  2.  Shops and Establishments Registration under the Act.
  3. It is our responsibility to correspondence or Liaison with the concerning authorities under the Act.
  4. We assist the establishments in complying with various provisions of the Act related to display, notices, and disclosures.
  5. To prepare and maintain various records that come under the Act.
  6. To prepare and maintain various Register’s such as Register of Fines, Register of Deductions, Register of Employment, Register of Wages, and other records according to the Act.
  7.  To reply and satisfy the show cause notice in the case issued by the Inspector.
  8.  Since then, we are the representatives of your shop or establishment before the Inspector.

UBS Associates is rendering our pro-efficient services for the registration of all type of business entities, along with various provisions which may be indispensable under the respective Shops and Establishment Act.

Along with providing consultancy in the field of business, we also assist in other services as follows:

  1. EPF Consultant
  2. PF Consultant
  3. ESI Consultant
  4. Payroll Processing Consultant
  5. Digital Signature
  6. FSSAI Registration
  7. Corporate Law Consultant
  8. Labour Law Consultant
  9. GST Registration with Compliance Consultant
  10. Income Tax Consultant
  11. Manpower Consultant
  12. TDS

To understand the Employees Provident Fund Organisation and the services you can check the official website of EPFO. Users can find information pertaining to the EPF offices, establishments, international workers under the EPF, legal rules and provisions of the EPF, etc. One can also check the status of EPF claim and balance etc.

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